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Between body worlds, red lips and faces, it is usually a concrete feeling that seems to become tangible when looking at Davina Gescha's motifs. The protagonists in her works seem tangible to us thanks to the precise painting who at the same time blur into diffuse hints. 

Davina Gescha repeatedly plays with these two worlds: a real one, in which you believe you can recognize the figures and shapes, and a transcendental one, which raises questions about truthfulness. It remains unclear which of the two she recommends to us as a place of refuge. What you immediately understand, however, is that the bodies, figures and women in her paintings are opening up to us like a unique, beautiful landscape that needs to be explored.

Davina (born in 1992) is an artist and multidisciplinary media designer living and working in Berlin. She studied art history and communication science (BA) at the Freie Universität Berlin. She has been collaborating with different international artists for several years. 



"Gekaufte Liebe" (Berlin, 2022)

"X Artists Exhibiting 1 Artwork" (Berlin, 2023)


"Ambivalent" (Berlin, 2023)

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